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Home August 27, 2007

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Three days … three keynotes … twenty-three spotlights! Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, generation.com … just when you think you’ve heard it all before, a curve ball is thrown and you’re theoretical mind and practical ways are sent scurrying to the back of the room by that outrageously challenging, perhaps even controversial comment made by your peers …

…Now it’s your turn to splutter a reply!

… welcome to the navcon2k7 // generation.com blog

This is an opportunity to take the plunge and offer others some of your deep thinking to the issues raised by the conference Keynote speakers and Spotlight presenters.

Your task:


This blog site provides links to virtual creative spaces, to allow you to place your comments about the conference, the Keynote speakers and Spotlight presenters.

how to I contribute?

>> You may add a comment about the conference and its theme by clicking on ‘add a comment’ at the top of the “home” page.
>> The Keynote and Spotlight areas each have their own blog space where you can add a general comment or you can use the menu on the right-hand side to access individual Keynote and Spotlight blogging spaces.


… be challenged, and contribute to the thoughts expressed by our international Keynote speakers and leading Spotlight presenters.

Conference Site

The ‘youtube’ video below gives us further insights into our ‘generation.com’ students. It challenges us, as teachers of ‘generation.com’, to reflect on ‘Where to Next?’. Care to share your insights? Add your comment at the top of this page.



Navcon2k7 is a collaborative professional learning opportunity brought to you by the Navigator Schools Consortium (Navcon) and the Catholic Schools Office (CSO) – Diocese of Broken Bay, Australia.