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David Emery


David Emery – Strand : eLearning (S2-SP7)
“Podcasting – an online medium to enhance learning and teaching”

David Emery began his teaching career as a Mathematics teacher in Campbelltown, NSW and was later appointed as the Mathematics co-ordinator at St Josephs Catholic High School, Albion Park. In 1994 David began his position with the Wollongong Catholic Education Office working with schools and their technology being responsible for Administration, Library and classroom computing.

In his current role, David manages the Diocese online services, assists schools with their integration of technology in the classroom and plays a key role in the ongoing development and support of one-to-one schooling in the Diocese. David is currently an Apple Distinguished Educator and his passion is the use of technology to enrichen and enhance learning and teaching for both students and staff.

Podcasting is an exciting and powerful tool that allows for communication and distribution of educational content. Teachers and students can access free pre-recorded audio and video professional learning content, or enhance their learning activities by creating their own Podcasts and sharing this content with the school and parent community.

In this spotlight we will look at some of the content already available to staff and students and view some of the samples of work that students have created to enrich their learning. We will also see how Enhanced Podcasts can be created and distributed, and look at the necessary planning required to make it all happen in the classroom.




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