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Greg Gebhert


Greg Gebhart – Strand : eLearning (S2-SP9)
“Building ICT rich classrooms for schools of Tomorrow”

Greg was recently awarded 2007 Victorian ICT Leader of the Year and 2006 Outstanding Achievement in Education at the National Quality in Schools Awards. He is currently working as a consultant in ICT and education with his main role as an advisor and education specialist to the Government on Internet Safety in schools.

In Greg’s spotlight, he will focus on classroom designs relating to ICT, open learning areas, and current and future ICT usage in schools. Specific focus will be on emerging technologies that are attracting children, including web 2.0 tools, mobile devices, interactive whiteboards and e-learning. Greg will challenge your thinking, provide food for thought and provide you with guidance for your schools future ICT vision.

Greg has provided over 20 keynote presentation in Australia and Internationally on web 2.0 technology, internet safety issues and emerging trends in education.




1. Helen Otway - October 18, 2007

I came away from this spotlight with so many ideas for my students. Within a day I had explored the many tools and applications that Greg shared during his spotlight. Within the week I was already sharing what I had learnt with the teachers at my school.

Thank you Greg for all the valuable ideas.

2. Migration | Life is not a race to be first finished - March 21, 2008

[…] and given the kids the day off- the day before Easter Friday. 160 or so teachers came along to hear Greg Gebhert speak followed by two two hour workshops. With lessons learnt from the previous Lead Teacher Day I […]

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