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Lynn Davie


Lynn Davie – Strand : Leadership (S2-SP6)
“Are we realising the potential of ICT to enable powerful learning?”

Teachers need opportunities to develop their understandings of the new learning that students need to equip them for their future. To realise the potential of ICT we need to consider making it pervasive in our schools, ensure ICT is used for powerful learning and teaching that engages students and
provide professional learning for teachers.

Effective integration of ICT into the curriculum requires more than the provision of machines and developing student skills. Through careful whole school curriculum planning, students and teachers can both be active participants in the learning journey. Lynn will share student work samples that demonstrate how ICT can be an enabler for powerful learning, creating opportunities for learners to be successful and providing them with the tools and strategies that will help them act effectively within and beyond the classroom.

Lynn Davie is Manager eLearning, Department of Education Victoria. Prior to this position Lynn was Assistant Principal and Navigator School Project Officer at Essendon North Primary School. She has experience teaching across all levels of the Primary School and has worked as a Curriculum Consultant, University lecturer and co authored a range of educational publications.

Lynn has worked with schools as a change agent, both at management and teacher level. This has involved consultancy, developing professional development programs, helping schools develop whole school plans for change, running sessions for teachers, curriculum days and presentations at both international and national levels. Lynn has received a number of prestigious awards over the last six years for her contribution through educational ICT initiatives.




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