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Ron Schlosser

Ron Schlosser

Ron Schlosser – Strand : eLearning (S1-SP1)
Online journaling in the post – MySpace world

Ron is Technology Development Manager at Glen Waverley Secondary College and is responsible for the development and implementation of innovative technologies that will assist in reconceptualising the way in which students learn and the way in which teachers work.

When the Web was still just a good idea that everyone was trying to figure out what to do with, one sage observer pointed out that, if nothing else, it would improve the quality of kids’ reading and writing skills. Then along came MSN and MySpace. Schools should see these not as ‘challenges’, but rather as ‘opportunities’. Take MySpace, for instance. Reflective and expressive journaling is a powerful activity for the developing mind to be involved in, and the kids are doing it in MySpace without even being asked! So, how do we take this popular journaling phemomenon and harness it for educational purposes? This spotlight will look at safety concerns surrounding public journaling, consider the social concerns attendant upon any open journaling, and then examine the options for creating a safe(r) online journaling environment, including projects that we as a Navigator school have explored at GWSC.




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