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Tom March

Tom March

Tom March – Strand : eLearning (S1-SP2)
“Smart use of Web 2.0 combined with evidence-based pedagogy like CEQ-ALL : Moving schools off the mass-production assembly line into a compassionate and effective digital era”

Although teachers touch the future, few employees are as trapped in the past. We strive to serve the needs of our students, but, as “shift-workers,” we are bound and determined by last century’s constraints. Society tells us it needs knowledge workers who can achieve at high levels and compete on a global playing field, yet we operate within a model that works against those very goals.
If sparking and sustaining change in professional practice sometimes seems overwhelming, no wonder: try manufacturing a microchip with an arc welder.

Enter Web 2.0. If the issue with self-motivated learning were technology, then MySpace would be the answer. What is needed is a process designed to scaffold authentic personal learning.

After twenty years integrating technology and learning, Tom March has developed an approach known by its acronym CEQ•ALL and pronounced “seek all.” CEQ•ALL stands for Choice • Effort • Quality • Attitude • Labour of Love and is a framework to support students as they take responsibility for directing their own learning. Current research with AIS Victoria measures the effect of CEQ•ALL against intrinsic motivation, achievement and advanced critical thinking. The CEQ•ALL approach directly challenges the assembly line status quo and does so with evidence-based pedagogy and common sense. (Refer: http://classportals.org/myplace/).

Tom March cares about teaching, learning and children, and has spent the past two decades designing learning activities to bring out the best in all three. He finds this often involves technology as an inspiration to creativity and means to impressive accomplishments. Recognised as a finalist Teacher of the Year for San Diego County after five years in the profession, he concluded ten years as a classroom teacher in 1995 by taking a three year fellowship at San Diego State University. There Tom worked with Professor Bernie Dodge to develop the WebQuest model. Since moving to Australia in 1997 and starting ozline.com, he has contributed at least one new product or initiative every two years. These include Web-and-Flow, BestWebQuests, aNew3Rs.com, ClassActPortals, The New WWW and CEQ•ALL (“seek all”).




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